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ECOLOGY - 23/12/2015

Don´t buy palmhearts, never it eat it. I wish I could tell you that it is bad for health or something like that, but unfortunatley it´s a delicacy. Therefore, restaurants pay a lot fot it. But are all palmhearts legalized?
No, there are a lot of illegal cut palmhearts on the market. Armed gangs invade the rainforests and take down high exotic palms to cut the upper half meter of the trunk, where the 3 inch wide palmheart is extracted.  It is impossible to avoid this crime with law force. The criminals enter the jungle in the night or when it rains, no chance for police patroling in such areas.

So, how to stop this? The only way is to prohibe the trading. No more eating. Illegal palmitos (palm heart) are easy mixed with certified products on the market. Consumers in developed countries should stop import such groceries from Third World Countries like Brazil, World Champion of breaking Human Rights and destroying the environment. Yes, Brasil has most Laws in the World, also against Environmental Crimes, but what does this serve for, as the same land is suffering extremely hight corruption in Police and Justice?
The Brazilian Justice is a tragic paper plane which keep the people of an entire country suffering and discretely breaking international agreements, which is signed by it´s criminal politicans just for saving export of it´s products.

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