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The Wannabe Monarchy of the U.S.
SOCIETY AND POWER - 14/03/2021

It all probably started with genuine strives for freedom. The American parent-free party began with the declaration of independence on the fourth of July 1776. At first it was wonderful to get rid of the old, boring king George III who was more interested in pig breeding than American issues. Almost immediately, the Americans began to realize themselves. There has probably never been a country where the interest in one's own personality has been greater. How do we feel? What do we want? What do we think? Let's talk about it. Over and over and over again.


 It really was like a party with an open guest list. People came and went. If it became too crowded in a room, the guests flowed further across to the next door. Prairies became territories, which became states. Everyone was allowed to do what they wanted, until it became too much and the Civil War broke out. It was the party's low water mark, you might say, but it recovered fairly soon.

One of America's foremost products was soon surrogate kings, bordering the divine. In fact, it had probably been there from the beginning, because no matter how happy the Americans were to avoid a father, George, they had immediately appointed a new, own father, George. The king was replaced by the president and the president was hung with symbols taken from perhaps the most patriarchal of all civilizations, the Roman. It was as if independence and self-realization also created a worry, an emptiness, that needed to be filled.

After the Civil War, it became even clearer. When Lincoln fell victim to a murderer, it became the starting point for the American tradition - also the Roman one from the beginning - to turn dead presidents into Gods. They were carved into mountain slopes and had their own temples. And it was not just about presidents. One of America's foremost products was soon surrogate kings, bordering on the divine. They could be gangster barons, militars or simply celebrities. Elvis was "The King", Edward Ellington "The Duke". One of Hollywood's foremost products, from the very beginning, was royal families to fill the void of the republic: Douglas "the king of Hollywood" Fairbanks and his queen Mary Pickford, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the unhappy Prince James Dean, "Brangelina". When the Kennedy clan wanted to become the royal family America lacked, it was the friends in Hollywood they got help from.

In the absence of own roots, as the American likes to float high up in the blue, they sniff their nose into countries and cultures where the settler or slave in the family came from. Traditions are celebrated and polished, even old scrap is polished to a golden bright. Americans admires the few royal houses that still exist, these modern royal dolls who represent decadent European countries and make them grow from the rotten compost their discarded traditions now became – in part thanks to the American influence. Queen Oprah is holding an audience for Little Prince Harry and his Duchess Meghan and it is a real big event. But a disturbing little tone beeps in the background all the time. The longing for a very real royal family and a solid history. Poor World who must endure those Americans.


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