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SOCIETY AND POWER - 13/04/2021

There is a battle raging for humanity. Dr Carrie Madej reveals how Big Tech collaborates with Big Pharma to introduce new technologies in the coming vaccines. Branding on people, a vaccine passport can be tattoed in your blood and recognized by an app in any cellphone. There is something really big going on…

Are corrupt governments and tech giants manipulating to control us, without us being aware of it ?



And Mick Jagger has got Bill Gates in his bloodstream.


Well, if it is about nanoparticles, you will get it anyway. By some drink, grocery or even by the air. So the choice is maybe not about rejecting a vaccine or not. If it not have any relevant medical side effects, why not take it ?

We have come to a point where we must make a choice 1) Turn the back to all technology dependent on big organizations, or, 2) Accept any technology. In the extension your choice is about freedom or slavery.
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