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Capitalism or Communism? No difference for you…
SOCIETY AND POWER - 18/04/2021

This political theatre about right or left, Conservative or Democratic, blue or red and so on is just qualified bullshit. When Capitalism is in charge, the suppressed leftists get the input to rise. When the leftists take the power, the right wing is out, just to start to rise soon. Like that it continues, like the pistons in a motor. Up and down. But no one put in the gear. The motor is just running idle.

This idle process is fueled by a few holdings, elite families and companies, specially the giant tech companies. Both Communism and Capitalism work for global power, led by giant corporations. Does it matter if it is a megatrust or a big nation? It is a pachydermatous dinosaur anyway.  The Capitalism strived to be “global”, the Soviet Communism talked about “internationalism”. In pragmatic fact, the same megalomanic philosophy.

Don´t let them be creative, better they take order. This perverse setup of exploring production for useless consumption is maintained under the giant organization umbrella, especially in so called “democratic” systems. The very big part of human population prefer escape from responsibility and get the decisions for free. Creative brainwork is rather substituted by comfort and narcissism.

But, if the government is close, personalized, in live visible and touchable, then what we have a different set-up, a more honest, a more interesting, a more stimulating. A governor or any leader, who live near his land and people and join the life and the region he deal with is of course accountable by ties to his people. If he is touchable and visible, it is more easy to communicate with him, or, if necessary replace him.

The politics left and right are dependent on the energy which flow between the opposite poles, plus and minus. You are the resistor being grilled in the center of this flow. Don´t be small and tiny, make yourself become a big resistor, as big as no conventional political energy can flow in your veins.

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