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How the US failed to catch the former Taliban leader
SOCIETY AND POWER - 18/08/2021

Mullah Omar's life in Afghanistan is symbolic of the failed 'War on Terror' that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people globally, while its most wanted targets hide in plain sight of those waging the war. What does that say about the West?

It is evident that both Washington and its allies will never acknowledge this if it is the truth. Enjoy the interview with Bette Dam: Tracking Mullah Omar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE68zOoO3HI

Bette Dam

Over to another female writer, a British journalist who had a more dramatic contact with the Talibans:

Yvonne Ridley was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan on 28 September 2001, and held for 11 days, while working for the Sunday Express. In the days before the beginning of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, after being refused an entrance visa, she decided to follow the example of BBC reporter John Simpson, who had crossed the border anonymously in a burqa.

She said in her book, In the Hands of the Taliban, that, while she was in captivity, she was treated with respect by the men of the Taliban and was, subsequently, amazed by their courtesy. All men that she came in contact with lowered their gazes (to her), which left her bewildered. She had initially thought they had already decided to have her executed and therefore could not look her in the eyes. Only later did she discover they were showing her a sign of respect. While in captivity she gave an undertaking to read the Qur'an and study Islam if they let her go.

Fulfilling the promise and setting out on what she described as "an academic exercise" she said she was shocked to discover "the Quran makes it clear that women are equal in spirituality, worth, and education. What everyone forgets is that Islam is perfect; people are not."
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