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SOCIETY AND POWER - 19/08/2021

Cowardice is all over the field. That's how we feel now. Politicians do not dare to lead anymore. They want to be able to turn away, say that they have done as the "experts" want, or just wait. They want to follow. They want us to follow. That is what makes governments extend the pandemic law, once again, twice again, always again, even though the hospitals are not at all full of dying citizens.

The government has once given power to the infection junta. It is like all other trends: completely fixed on its particular specialty. The media trend is to detect new possible threats and possible disasters, because that's what sells at the moment. Horror is , by some strange reason, a granted bestseller.

It is politically impossible to take back power. How would the government justify it? By the way, it would not have been very different with a bourgeois government, or even a radical government. Cowardice is all over the field. It is today rooted in human mind, specially in Western oriented snowflake societies.
We have been cowing for almost two years. Coward identity one-nine. The vaccination would solve everything, but it was only until we got it. Flock immunity would establish itself, but that only applied until we got Delta. Then come Lambda. Which alphabet will be used after all Greek letters are consumed? Now we need another syringe. Or maybe two. Why not three? Why not one every month? Everyone plays along. Nobody wants to be a heretic. Why not permanent fear? Why not a state of emergency as a rule? The pandemic has made it clear that politics is an activity for slippery cowards. The rest of us has turned into dependent monkeys, who fear our own judgment.

There is no logic. You should wear a mask indoors, but not if you are sitting in a restaurant. If you are at a concert, however, it is very important. Medical masks are said to fulfill their function in a quarter, then they must be replaced. It does not happen. No one cares. And by the way, the masks are usually just an ordinary piece of cloth, perhaps by a designer. It goes up and down the days to the end. Most people realize that it is completely meaningless, perhaps even harmful. Everyone plays along. Nobody wants to be a dissident. As usual, it is the outer edges that get pressure: it is written about conspiracy theorists and vaccine haters daily. But in the mainstream, where most people are, there are politicians who do not dare to make decisions and citizens who have stopped thinking. Is not that worse?
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