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HISTORY - 21/08/2021

American war veterans comment an “instruction movie”:

-    Looks like a travel agency film. They kept the real Vietnam, that the military will be seeing, a total bad surprise.

-    Convince them we are friends….I don’t remember being told that…I was told if it has two legs and not in a US military uniform good chance it’s the enemy.

-    I was in the Corps from 1968-1972. In 1969 I was in Vietnam, we never saw any film like this! They gave us our gear and our M-16 and said go out and get them. No film was needed. That's just another example of waisted tax payers money that went down the toilet.I'm willing to bet that the only people that saw it were the ones that made it!

Don´t misunderstand the message. The movie is worth to see, but for a Marine Corps in the Vietnam War it was certainly bullshit talking. But now, in the presence, with the American retreat from Afghanistan, we can compare with the nice country the Vietnam movie paints up. Sure Afghanistan also has it values and sure their people must be respected and left in peace so they can shape their country their way.


If their dream of a free and democratic Nation will become reality, more must be done than they can do alone. 25:03

Thousands of years the village has been as it still is – the basic social unit in Vietnam. 5:14

Like the chief, the village elder is a much respected – even venerated – man  6:00

But wherever you go in this country, one fundamental rule: the customs of the Vietnamese must be considered and wherever possible, observe, the people treated with respect. 6:24

Since 1946 they have been continuously in war. They are determined to survive 8:29

They live and work much as their ancestors did, hundreds of  years ago. There are more than economic reasons to this. To the Vietnamese the passes of time is of little concern and so is change. They strive for harmony with things as they are and work for perfection in everything they do, no matter how much time this takes. There is a hard won harmony with the land. Many believe that achieve this harmony with the demanding profitable World,  the highest wisdom is to want only the fair necessities of life 9:00

But change has begun. Now they are harvesting crops unknown to them a while ago. Yet change is costly and the village farmer is poor. His only real possession is a water buffalo who pulls his plough. Its value represents a whole years income. 9:48

They are small in stature because in generations they have carried the burden of infectious tropical diseases and lived of a diet of almost rice alone 10:40

The homes of these people are small and they seem poor, but their family life is rich, warm and has always been so. They are a quiet people of great personal dignity who grow old with grace. 11:13
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