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Eddie Meduza
SOCIETY AND POWER - 07/09/2021

He was the ultimate protest against the Swedish System. Sweden has since long time ago a government policy which reduce creativity and freedom to a level where total equality is standard. The Swedish citizen expect the government taking care of every being, from the kindergarten to the asylum. Even if the government makes the Swedes pay expensive taxes to cover the expenses of the so called “Swedish welfare”. It is meaningless to openly critic such system. Soon harsh words will fly like screaming seagulls; “elitist”, “nazi”, “egoist”. Then comes silence. You are frozen – by your kinsmen. You loose your job. You loose your family. You loose your mind. If you express yourself in the wrong way.  Are you against safety? Do you want people do die? The lefty socialism is anchored in the Swedish collective heart and few people dare or know how to criticize it. But Eddie Meduza was an exception in Sweden and he was neither timid nor quiet.

He stuck his pen deep, deep in the heart of the Swedish model. He knew how to put the words and deal with the madness of the Snowflake Society. He gained the folk support, right from their heart. Was he a great poet?

Not exactly. In fact his lyrics and sketches were very primitive, bad tasty and brutal. But in all that stink, rose a smell of hidden claim for freedom and justice. In fact, he was an excellent musician. So he delivered his dirty critics wrapped in good old rock´n roll and funny jokes. Between the lines of his primitive scumbag talking he gave the message. His fans adored him. Under the laughs and screaming out of his equivoque texts, also some message of protest sank in. He threw arrows of irony against the Allmighty Socialist State. Stinging needles were fired against arrogant politicians and other people he did not like. Knock-out against the System. Flamethrower against the Snowflake Society. Energy against boredom. He used smart marketing. Dressed himself like an idiot, similar the expired national rural burlesque figure Åsa-Nisse. Selling dirty cassette tapes from post order (analog on line business) under the pseudonym E Hitler and Luftwaffe. He knew how to deliver a message of revolution in the dung that enjoys simple folk find so much.

The very low level of his language and the raw, dirty sexual, brutal, bullying humor, how could it be accepted if the people not identified themselves as a part of it ? Their culture ! He revealed the true degenerated art and low materialistic culture of a people educated by the Social Democrat Swedish Wonderland. Hahaha. The Communists on the other side of the Iron Curtain had more success to preserve their Soviet citizen´s families and intellect and also cultivate Classical Art.

Eddie Meduza was a talent. He wished to be loved. He had been horrible treated as child. He was bullied in school. He wanted to join the military service as Parachute Trooper, but they rejected him, saying he was too thin. Like bamboo, thin but still the strongest.  He tried to make an ordinary career as a slick and fancy dance-band singer. Rejected. Nobody wanted him. He was aware of his intrinsic strong quality, but the World was not tuned on it; So, he had to lower himself to their level. Speak their language. Then, over a night all suddenly turned. His hit “Punkdjävlar” opened the door for a bright career with no compromise. The directors on the record companies kept quiet as he earned tons of money for them. Himself, unfortunately, bought booze for his share.  He was one of the most intelligent rebels Sweden ever had. Eddie Meduza, Rock´n Roll Rebel. R.I.P. 

Punkjävlar: https://www.thomasnilsson.com.br/musicas.php?id_musico=60
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