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100 souls and one of them is The Fat Cat
SOCIETY AND POWER - 27/09/2016

How would the world work if it consisted by only ONE HUNDRED heads? Reducing the world's population to only 135 individuals, but maintaining the current distribution, we get:
1 person controls 50% of all properties;
7 has academic degree;
13 do not have access to drinking water;
14 persons older than 15 years cannot read;
There are 26% of children 0-14 years, 16% are 15-24 years, 41% between 25-54 years and finally are there 7% of seniors over 55 years. If we do not consider children (less than 14 years) we will have 100 people ready to work, study and make decisions.

Suppose these people live in a nation consisting of an island of a size that it´s enough one day cross walking by foot to pass the entire country , that equal a diameter of 30 km which is more or less the urban area within the municipality of São Paulo.
It is clear that the 13 persons in absolute poverty with no access to clean water would like to improve their situation and the ultimate dream would be to exchange places with who controls 50% of material goods, let´s call him "Fat Cat".
Fat Cat will of course defend his privileged position and apply some of the numerous methods of control and remain in power. He can use a mix of methods including weapons, mercenaries, propaganda, confinement, rewards and punishments, strategically administrated. In this case, not only the poorest but also most of the others should want to be rid of Fat Cat.
Fat Cat, in order to maintain his 50% of wealth, will try to track rebels and handle them in time before they organizes themselves. Who have 50% of the wealth detain 100% of the political power.
On an island, unlike the global world, everyone has access to reality. With their own eyes the population finds out easier the truth and gets soon exposed to radical methods used to maintain power. Unlike our globalized world where the populations live in distant countries, limited by borders or natural barriers in extreme poverty. Or, people with at least some own assets, but isolated from reality through television, internet, credit cards and misleading government subsidies maintained by virtual money. By physical obstacles or virtual curtains the world's population is the prey of lies, loans and poverty.
A small island cannot hide the truth. On a small island, a crooked and skew distribution cannot be maintained without totalitarian severity.

To be able to rule in peace, Fat Cat must show up with talent and ability, along with a selection of the most competent people and offer as much freedom every citizen deserves, without losing balance and get exposed for rivals who want their own welfare before the general well-being.
According to ideologies like Communism, Democracy, Christianity etc., Fat Cat should split the island in 100 equal parts among the population, himself waive as the lowest being  and expect the gratitude of others, or better, not expect anything in return. One day even his remaining small share will be taken by the New Power, personified by, for the moment, the most selfish and competitive person. Maybe she even spares the life of the Old Fat Cat.
Following ideologies linked to capitalism, neo-liberalism etc., Fat Cat should buy buy cheap and sell expensive and lend money to his neighbors and then take their over their houses and horses, thus progressing to be the 100% owner of the entire island. But neither a Fat Cat works alone. All people need company as, for example, wife, advisors and partners, sooner or later he would look for partners and according to our human history, we have a numerous of examples of what happens next. Betrayal enters one day under the locked door and such a phenomenon, born in more polluted heads, will never end.

It´s like that our human society works. Only nationalist-based policies can meet the material needs fairly and efficiently, for the simple reason that such politics recognize and respect smaller groups, not so much for what ideology it represent. Ideology can be good, can be bad, but if applied in huge groups, it will always fail. Communism and capitalism loses with time control by reason of their imperialist essence, communism for its internationalist aspiration and capitalism by their greed without brakes, today operating in global level.
In order to rule with kindness, justice and wisdom it is necessary close relationships and trustfulness between the leader and his group. This applies to all kind of authorities in all levels, from family, school, company to the nation. It is of high importance to keep away aliens from our internal problems. An outsider enters the problem as an elephant walks around in a China shop. The familiar disasters that arise through judicial interference in separations, the damage modern school makes students thanks to democratic politics that needs to create generations stupid enough to vote for corrupt politicians, or, worst of all, the ,military interventions from democratic countries against countries with significant natural resources, but led by rulers who opposes imperialist globalization.
Understand the gigantic world by a small island. That way it is easy to see the democratic and leftist fake.
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