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Migration. A nightmare of wandering
SOCIETY AND POWER - 07/10/2021

A huge rolling wheel of millions of migrants are moving across the planet. As “foreigners” in that “world without frontiers” which had been promised by the victors of the cold war, they are forced to endure racist persecution, precarious employment, the loss of their cultural identity, police repression, hunger, imprisonment and murder.

The nightmare of emigration, whatever its cause, continues to grow. The number of those coming within the ambit of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has grown disproportionately from 2 million in 1975 to more than 27 million in 1995.

The objective of neoliberalism’s migration policy is more to destabilise the world labor market than to put a brake on immigration. The mechanisms of The Great Reset, that is the destruction/depopulation and reconstruction/reorganisation of the World involves the displacement of millions of people.

Their destiny is to wander the world, carrying the burden of their nightmare with them, so as to constitute a threat to workers who have a job, a scapegoat designed to make people forget their bosses, and to provide a basis for the racism that neoliberalism provokes.

Source: Subcomandante Marcos
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