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SOCIETY AND POWER - 03/03/2022

Russia invades Ukraine February of 2022. Millions of people must leave their homes, suddenly they are refugees or soldiers. Every man between 18 to 60 is drafted to defend Ukraine. Resistance grows strong. Over a night the president Zelensky turns out to be one of the most known politicians around the World and certainly, the most popular political figure over decades. Russia targets civilians. People die, people lose their homes. The daily routines for Ukrainians are destroyed and converted to desperate survival. Resistance and unit turn stronger. Ukrainians are continuously updated to resist, to be proud and defend their country and families.

Consequence: The Russian attack upgraded the fame of the Ukrainian people and their president. But are ordinary people trained for this, those who are encouraged to fight with primitive weapons against a trained army?

Many countries support Ukraine and join measures to isolate and starve Russia. Russia is blocked from the international financial system. Expats are expelled. Russia cannot sell their products. A handful of Russians who dare to protest are imprisoned. The most Russians must keep quiet. The soldiers are told to attack. What do you think happens with a Russian soldier not obeying? In the WWII, the NKVD units were used to shoot at their own Soviet Union soldiers, that is killing your owns if they retreat. The NKVD (later KGB) carried out mass arrests, deportations, and executions. Russians are, like Ukrainians informed by their government. But in their case, they are also well informed of the West politic failures. The economic sanctions are understood as a global plot against the Russian people. What have ordinary Russians done to suffer this retaliation? Why must the big part of Russia pay for what their close relatives and neighbors in Ukraine suffer under the decision of few Russians, unpopular in own Russia, but what can they do? What is the expected movement of the Russians? Taking in all eventual propaganda from West as the absolute truth and making a common uprise against their government? Is that possible in any country? Or, accepting the information from their own government and join other Russians in the answer of the actions against their country?

Consequence: The actions against Russians can backfire as they also need to survive, now they have just their own Russian resources to rely on. If the war were questioned by some Russians, now the collective punishment over all Russia can force them to support the war. 

The mass media is controlled by very few. Millions of people around the World believe in propaganda. It is human to temper the belief with feelings and extrapolation.

Consequence: People let themselves be marionettes and are disposed to make any stupid things or even atrocities moved by blind belief. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr8ljRgcJNM

This war should not be carried out on European soil. Previous wars the later decades should not have been carried out in Middle East (mostly). Now Slavic brothers are fighting each other. Totally wrong.  If there must be a revenge against nearly a century of moral and cultural destruction, the target is North America, with epicenters US East and West coast. Not between close neighbors. It is time to put an end of Americas bad influence on environment, consumption and moral issues.
Why accept any invisible, digital or distant command? Take responsibility over yourself. Care about your surroundings, make a strong defense from intrusions and don´t yourself invade others business. Peace, progress and respect ! 
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