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Using human shields
SOCIETY AND POWER - 06/03/2022

Against the backdrop of a chorus of voices resounding in the West about the need to fight the Russian army abroad, there are sound assessments of the prospects for involving the population of Ukraine in an armed conflict. Indian Major General Gagan Diip Bakshi comments the war:
This is a completely immoral act on the part of the United States and the entire West: At the beginning they set Ukraine on the fight against Russia, and then they say - "we will not help you, we will limit ourselves to sanctions"

According to General Bakshi, expressed on the Republic World TV channel, even if a decision is made to transfer relevant military property to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it will be impossible due to the blockade of ports and airspace, ground transportation is fraught with bombing.

The maximum that the West can achieve is to delay the completion of the operation for several months. But as long as it lasts, the agony of the world economy will increase. The Western media are broadcasting "victorious reports" of the Kiev authorities, but the fighting is already going on for the capital.

The West seeks to involve the civilian population in an armed conflict. Russian troops are deliberately kept from carnage. Although they are quite capable of showing a brutal assault as they already did in World War II, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Russians can be very harsh.

According to him, instead of arming civilians, it is necessary to evacuate them, but the Ukrainian authorities are calling on the population to fight the Russian army, sending them to certain death.

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOkn3l7mddc&t=20s
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