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Azov batallion
SOCIETY AND POWER - 27/03/2022

President Vladimir Putin requires Ukraine must be denazified and reclaims that Russians in Ukraine are harassed. Some minor parts of Ukraine has even a Russian majority, but Russian language is not promoted. President, Zelensky, pretended first not to understand the existence of nazism in his country, absurd, how can it be, he is from Jewish ancestry and 3 of his uncles were killed in German concentration camps. The German Bundestag stands up and applause the video screen of Zelensky. How is this then? And who bothers about the ancestry of Zelensky? The Ukrainians, what do they want?  

The Azov Special Operations Detachment is a former paramilitary group that is now a unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, former based in Mariupol, by the Azov Sea. Formed as a volunteer militia in May 2014 and has since then been fighting Russian separatist forces in the Donbas War. It was formally incorporated into the National Guard on 11 November 2014.

The battalion drew controversy over allegations of torture and war crimes, as well as it has been accused to use controversial symbols, including their logo, said it resembles a Wolfsangel, a pagan symbol which was also used by the German 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. However, Azov representatives state the logo is an abbreviation of the slogan "National Idea". That is also what we clear can read out from the abreviature of the declined N and I on a yellow shield.  As well as “symbolhunters” see it one way, maybe they also could see it as a Z? Let the owners of the symbol explain it themselves. Preserve nations and eliminate global empires.


So, on which foot will you stand on now, your right or your left? Or maybe it is more comfortable stand on both? I hope it now is clear for you that this war, from both Russian and Ukraine sides, is only about nationalism. Those people have similar goals, preserve their own culture, language, traditions and family. They should absolute not fight each other. From the vision of an independent nation, it must be against alien influence, it must be against globalization. Against American indoctrination, both in Russia as in Ukraine. Against neo-Soviet aspirations. Both the American and the Soviet empires are Big Brother creations and must as soon as possible be archived in history.

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