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The importance of human self esteem

Unfortunately this self esteem, this self confidence, all these things have been sold a lot on the planet. Why do you need esteem? Why do you need esteem? You need esteem to feel a little above others all the time.Unfortunately, our education system were made like this – right from kindergarten. Who is first? Who is second ? Who is third? You want to be first.

So, your sense of happiness is only when everybody is doing worse than you. What kind of life is that? From an early age this has being imposed upon a child´s mind that you have to be on top of everybody else.

Because of this you have never paid attention to every aspect of life in the sense. If you observe an ant, or let´s pick up something little more than an ant, like a grasshopper, (it´s easier to see him). If you look at him carefully, whoever created this grasshopper has paid as much attention to a grasshopper as they have paid to a man. Who the hell are you, thinking an ant is a lowly creature and you are some superior being? Why are you making this judgment? Creation  has not made this judgment.

The fact of the matter is like this: See if all the worms on this planet, right now, if all of them die, all the worms. In about twelve to eighteen months, all life on this planet will cease, everything including you and me. Suppose all the insects die today, in something like two and a half to four years time, all life will cease.

But if all the human beings die, the planet will flourish.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk697TX05Ok&list=WL&index=1&t=325s
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