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The soil
ECOLOGY - 15/05/2022

Issue: Loss of organic content in topsoil turns it sterile. Mechanical plowing of the fields exposures the soil to heat and erosion, killing the most important life on Earth, the microorganisms.

Solution: Increase organic content in soil to a minimum of 3-6%. Bring agricultural land under vegetation and shade. Enrich the soil through plants, organic litter and animal waste.

SAVE TOPSOIL! What can you do? Nothing. Just that. Stay away from forests, fields and seas. Think over your consumption and way of living.  The most things you consume has tragic history.  It´s cute if you make your own organic kitchen garden, however, this will not resolve the problem. The solution must be issued by governments as a priority. What is happening and what should be done in a global scale is exposed here:       https://www.consciousplanet.org/
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