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Germany today, absolute Hitler-free
ECONOMY - 04/09/2022

The evil Hitler sent people to work on infrastructure and industrial facilities. Many Germans had been on the brink of starving. However, they had to work hard for the money.

In modern Germany they are trying to realize the myth of Schlaraffenland, that is, you get the money, but without working. Hartz 4 (Arbeitslosengeld 2) is the answer to all your problems. If you don't want to work, the German government will pay for all your daily needs, like food, rent and health insurance. And everyone living in Germany can get it, even if you are not a German citizen. Hartz 4 (Google it if you not believe) is the dream of every lazy bum out there.

Find out how to get it and never have to work again. If you are a European Citizen (so you don't have to worry about a visa for Germany), you will absolutely get Hartz 4. The amount you get monthly, by German law for 2019, is 424 Euro (Regelbedarf) + the rent for your flat. Living in Germany has never been this easy. Come join the Hartz 4 generation.

Link to the German governments welfare program: https://www.hartziv.org/

Instruction video, useful for you who want the benefit but prefer to continue unemployed so that the taxpayers pay for your living:
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