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“DEMOCRACY” a tool for tyrants
SOCIETY AND POWER - 24/09/2022

This video reveals how Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Union, wants to exclude Hungary as member state. If Hungary doesn´t substitute their president Viktor Orban, to some who are more collaborative with EU directives.


The video, produced in India, accuses the EU leadership to be corrupt and tyrannic and calls Ursula dictator. Do we know what the word corrupt means? Does it mean to take bribes? The literal meaning is as follows:

Corruption is derived from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpō, corrumpere (“to destroy, ruin, pervert, contaminate, seduce, injure, spoil, bribe”), from com- (“together”) + rumpere (“to break in pieces”).

Bribes are only a part of corruption. The main meaning is to destroy and break in pieces. And that is EXACTLY what has been on the Western leftist liberal democratic agenda the last 70 years: Breaking family ties. Separating man and woman. Abandoning kids and elders.  Questioning gender. Spitting on culture. Injecting decadent subculture. Forgetting traditions. Making the language poor. Polarizing politics.

Europeans are now turning against their corrupt governments who has betrayed them and locked them in. In Germany, the foreign minister declares that she will put Ukraine first no matter what her German voters think. Her understatement, in English, follows 2 minutes into this video.

Meanwhile the European leaders, marionettes of Washington, are playing a dangerous game against Russia, people in Europe are not interested if Ukraine, or parts of it, returns to its historical ties with Russia.  Positively, many nationalist freedom parties are now growing fast. In Hungary, the people have energy and stable prices thanks to the president Viktor Orban, strongly supported by majority of his people according to the Indian video. He does his job, namely working for the best of his people.

Yes, democracy can work. But only for small groups. Sometimes. More than a dozen of persons, one voice is already dictating and pushing in some direction. Serious arguments fall down when the taste of sweetness is wrapped around emotions, lies and selfishness. As I first mentioned 20 years ago: One day democracy throws the mask and turns to totalitarian tyranny. Intrinsic in DEmoCrAcY, you find DECAY.
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