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SOCIETY AND POWER - 24/09/2022

All over the World, young people are frustrated and deceptioned over the incompetence of the governments. People in West are not disposed to pay the high price for the pleasure of their politicians lockdown whole nations or put their finger on other nations business. A national government must maintain and serve a complex system, in a discreet way, not disturbing the development of companies or the harmony of citizens. That´s an art and few have competence to assume.

Just now, the Indonesian government is under a hacker attack from some expat called Bjorka probably living in Poland. Ironically, the flag of Poland is the Indonesian flag if turned upside down. Not accusing that Indonesia has worse government than others. Personally I know much worse policies than how Indonesia govern, but this is a great example of how young people really can make a big change in things. How many politicians are updated in the digital issue? An important thing today…At least, the issue of a department must be handled by the one who has the skill! Also cyber issues. 

The cyber attack against the Indonesian government happened in September. In the days following the initial leak, the Indonesian government sought to downplay Bjorka’s hacking efforts, while the director general of informatics application at the Ministry of Communication and Information, tried to reason with any would-be hackers.

“If you can, don’t attack. Every time data is leaked, the people lose out, because that’s illegal access,” the government representant said at a press conference on September 5.  “If you want to embarrass the government, find other ways to do it.”
Bjorka’s reply was succinct: “My message to the Indonesian government: Stop being an idiot.”

Amongst other things, Bjorka has called out political figures about the rising cost of fuel, which has caused protests across the country. This has given the shadowy figure a kind of Robin Hood status, as a representative of the people holding the government to account, particularly after they threatened to release a database of presumably hacked information about Pertamina, the Indonesian state-owned oil and gas corporation.

So, Europe, stop just crying over prices. Do like Bjorka. Adress it bold to your “democratic representatives”. Or with other words, to the idiots in the kings clothes !

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