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ECONOMY - 21/10/2022

BRICS, the economic union between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is aiming to create a common monetary system with a new currency, proposed to take over the hegemony of the US dollar as main World reserve currency.

Since the US dollar were released from gold and instead tied to oil contracts it has only been challenged once. 10 years ago, Khaddafi tried to design an African Dinar, which created a reaction from USA and France. The forces of NATO gathered and bombed Libya into chaos and regress, ending up with both government and life of Khaddafi.

Welcome BRICS to substitute the dollar which floats there, inflated and empty as a balloon, ready to deflate. And make your weapons ready. The dollar equals no gold, no oil – it is backed up by military force. America has been investing for this and is now provoking war, as soon as possible.  USA has over the years been leader in many fields, but now it looks like military superiority is the only thing who remains.


PS. Saudi wants to join BRICS. Among others.

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