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The Wind farm fraud
SOCIETY AND POWER - 03/12/2022

With ludicrously high subventions from taxes and rising energy bills, wind power generators may underbid all concurrence, even against many other renewables.

The consequence of this is that wind power takes precedence over all other forms of electricity generation and creates a big problem when the wind is not blowing. How to generate back-up energy by the economic balance of the wind farm without parasitism on subsidies from taxes or other more energy effective resources?

Interruption in the wind farm results immediately in thermal gas and coal generators having to throttle back their generators; and ramping down output by disengaging turbines. However, boilers continue to run – gas and coal continue to burn – with the plant ready to re-engage the generator at a minute’s notice – ramping up output in order to take up the slack when the wind inevitably – but unpredictably – stops blowing.

Forcing thermal plants to ramp output up and down means those plants run much less efficiently than they should – and leads to mountains of wasted coal and gas and, therefore, increased CO2 emissions.

In most countries, wind power outfits don’t bear any of the additional and unnecessary costs suffered by conventional generators. And worse, network operators don’t charge wind power operators a cent for the privilege of getting their power into the system on a preferred basis; nor are they charged for the disruption and chaos their utterly unpredictable efforts cause grid managers and conventional generators. So far, pointlessly costly for the final consumer and the tax payers.

The expensive and utopian renewable energy target, ineffective if the object was meant to be reducing CO2 emissions, is promoted by a team of red-green-nosed idealists, ready to take an axe to most ludicrous energy policy ever devised, the wind industry and its parasites have been spinning tall tales about the wonders of wind power.

Pretending rising energy bills and subventions do not exist, they claim that wind power REDUCES power prices. BIG LIE. The places where giant fans have sprouted like mushrooms have all seen retail power prices skyrocket faster than those without.

Denmark, with more turbines per capita than anywhere in the world has seen power bills triple in the past 20 years. Germans – who have slung up thousands of giant fans in the last decade or so – have been belted with power bills that have increased by more than 80% since 2000. And Australia’s “wind power capital”, South Australia, jockeys with Denmark and Germany for the “honor” of having the highest power prices in the World.

And it’s not just South Australians, the Danes and the Germans facing escalating power bills thanks to wind power. All countries hi-jacked by the “environmental” lobby have faced rising costs and now, when many countries in spite of the “green” waste faces severe consequences in rising fuel and food prices, people start to panic and may be disposed to do whatever to survive.
Thanks to that evil cynicism from left liberal “green” politics, the environment will also pay tribute. As desperate people first look at their own survival instead of the Nature. It is time to substitute the crooks in the politic with competent professionals bringing real knowledge and experience in respective area of our society. 

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