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SOCIETY AND POWER - 05/12/2022

German soccer team lost focus at the World Cup because of "political demonstrations", contributing to their exit at the group stage.

The team was probably mentally ready but with a mindset to focus on competition and not on political demonstrations.

The Qatar World Cup has seen a large amount of political discussion from foreigners, with some voicing concerns about the host's treatment of migrant labor, its approach to LGBTQ+ issues and FIFA's threats to penalize players for political statements. But when you are in Rome, do as the Romans, that is of course to be respected everywhere, also in Qatar. Instead of making an exhibition of oneself in Qatar, Germany could perfectly order their team to stay home and use their famous “free speech” liberty, valid from liberal issues to the left wing, with a sharp boarder to nationalism and the right wing. To the defense of Germany for their extreme political correctness, don´t forget that they still must host USA´s biggest exterior military base.

The rainbow symbols are invading Europe, forced into places where serious activities are expected to take place, like public spaces, news media, working places, government buildings. Even churches are urged to praise the gender circus. But, sure, a majority have no particular interest to put this issue in front of other, more important. Many are also against it, by rational and religious reasons. Very few have courage to speak out against such aggressive political colored campaign, as they fear retaliation.

Rainbow armbands were supposed to be worn by players from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Wales, England and Switzerland, but in the last moment, some of their associations understood the negative impact and abandoned the plans to wear them.
Football is a sport that should strive to encourage our kids and teenagers to build up their health, reinforce their mind and willpower and teach them to collaborate with colleagues from different social environments. If not the growing financial speculation and politics in football is eliminated, then this sport is doomed to decay like a body invaded by cancer.
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