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Germans reacts - again
SOCIETY AND POWER - 19/12/2022

In the first week of December 2022, the German police made a big operation against a political conservative group. The project for a German coup d´etat (putsch) was discovered and disarmed before any practical activity was initiated. The inner circle of the citizen group “Reichsbürger” had planned to take over Germany by operations targeted against members of the government.

This happens 99 years after Hitler´s putsch in Munich, which also failed and resulted in jail for the leaders. Hitler was charged with 5 years prison in Landsberg, where he wrote “Mein Kampf”, before he was released after only 9 months confinement. Once released, Hitler redirected his focus to obtain power through legal means rather than by revolution or violence, turning his tactics to fit into the democratic system. Then, in a strategic better position, he struck from above and changed the system.

Like present time, it was 100 years ago not difficult to find unsatisfied Germans, disappointed with the sitting government. The putsch was by the exploited German worker seen as a brave attempt, a self-sacrifice in loyalty to a nation, a broken nation where most citizens were unhappy but very few dared to realize relevant actions.

Before people realizes the danger in a “normal” democratic elected government, they often laugh or nod at radical protests. But when they feel the consequences of the governmental mess in their own collapsed personal economy or the lack in society of important basic issues like safety, health care, energy, food and water, the laughter transforms to anger. Finally, when bleeding or starving, either they turn to crime, or better, gather to charismatic leaders and participate actively to throw out incompetent governors and install a new government with national beneficial purpose.

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