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Praying to Electricity
SOCIETY AND POWER - 28/01/2023

Sweden is, though known as rich, developed and happy, one of the most unhappy countries in the World. It lacks solid family bonds, talent is discriminated, parasitism is widespread (due to government subsidies), faith is absent in esoteric aspects, as also is self-reliance low of many citizens. Swedish culture is quite undeveloped, compared to most nations in the continental Europe. Sweden was after the Viking era very dependent on Germany and the crumbs of some own culture has been whipped away by still more foreign influence, as lately principally from the USA, as much as Sweden can be called Europe´s little America.

Despite recent waves of migration, the Swedes have not turned happier and more social. Instead, they are confronting new mischief like violence, clashes between different ideologies, raping and drug/psycho-farm dependence. Their misfortune is not only caused by one of the most annoying weather conditions or by their genetics as one of the most introvert people on the Globe. This country has been misgoverned many decades, quite a century by left socialist politics. This bad conduction has not only made energy scarce, taxes absurdly high, health care wreck and basic things pricey, it has since very long time elevated the State to a divine institution. That´s why parasitism on the welfare system is high and self-reliance low by the Swedish population.

When you believe in the State as the Almighty, then you are keen to believe in materialism. And materialism today describes the paradise shaped by new technology, space conquest, AI, robots, all driven by fuel and electricity. 

So, the extreme dependence on electricity has quite reached esoteric levels, as following statement proves, published by a Swedish company. The text is extensive, only some of the “poetic” parts are related, commercial information about the company is excluded. 

“Today, January 23, 2023, the Electricity´s Day is celebrated for the tenth time in Sweden. Electricity - many of us have probably thought more about electricity (and perhaps the price of electricity) in recent months than we have ever done before. For us here in Sweden, access to electricity has long time been obvious, something that just must work, and to be honest, we can barely manage a day...or even an hour without it nowadays...”

“But electricity not only simplifies our everyday life, it will also save the World. Or at least the climate. Electricity is a prerequisite for creating a fossil-free society. Electricity is the most efficient energy carrier and electrical energy is distributed with minimal environmental impact.”
“The Electricity´s Day was instituted in 2014 by the Energy Companies - both to draw attention to the benefits of electricity and what electricity adds to our everyday life and society. And to draw attention to and create activities for those parts of the World that do not have the same obvious access to electricity as we in Sweden.”

Well, if people depart from the organic living and get the same needs as machines, soon they will only be able to live with artificial input. That means loss of freedom and instead dependency of the State or some other big institution. Humans have used tools and energy in thousands of years, but always been the masters over their tools. The last hundred years, the development has been extremely fast and now we can clearly see how some individuals have lost the control over their lives. Electricity is a facility, not an indispensable. When it has gone so far, it is time to review how life can be supported mainly by the human features. If that is impossible, then human is extinct.  
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