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The last fight of the Dinosaurs
SOCIETY AND POWER - 20/11/2017

Justice, banks and government are all institutions on big alteration – or even extinction. If they as organizations are showing up arrogant, ignorant and dull behavior, they are at least containing very intelligent, or at least, smart people. The system is one thing, the parts of the system is another. In those dull and arrogant organizations, many people make their own decisions to defend their position and power. Many of these actions are similar, so it seems sometimes like the system reacts with unified and totalitarian force. 


Examples. Justizosaurus Rex:

Especially the Justice abuse it´s power and offers good possibilities for greedy and unmoral people to sue others. In addition, of course, Justice take a good piece of the cake it bakes by own receipt. America has been the typical example for such dirty “legal” business, here are some examples, how absurd, and dangerous things can fall out (source Simon Black, Sovereign Man):


Grandma’s coffee-party:
“On the morning of February 27, 1992, 79-year old Stella Liebeck and her grandson Chris pulled up to a McDonald’s drive-through in Albuquerque, New Mexico and ordered a $0.49 cup of coffee. Chris pulled the car over and parked momentarily so that his grandmother could add cream and sugar. While doing so, she accidentally spilled the entire cup onto her lap, instantly scalding her. Liebeck was hospitalized for eight days with third degree burns; she received numerous skin grafts and required in-home care for several weeks after her release. She blamed McDonald’s for the incident and demanded $20,000 to cover anticipated medical expenses. McDonald’s balked, so the case went to court. The trial took place more than two years later, in August 1994, resulting in an unbelievable victory for Liebeck-- the jury awarded her more than $2.7 million. (The total compensation was subsequently reduced, but still ended up being a huge payday for her.)”



The handshaker:

“Late last year, an attorney in Florida filed a lawsuit against another man for shaking his hand too vigorously, claiming the alleged handshake was “unexpected, unprovoked, uninvited, unauthorized, uncalled for, and, most certainly, negligent.” He wanted more than $100,000 in damages.


Tracked ride by jaleous spouse:
“Uber is reportedly being sued for $48 million by a former passenger who claims that the ride-sharing company ruined his marriage – because his wife was able to track his trips on the app.”


The misprinted test:
“Then there’s the College Board and Electronic Testing Services (administrators of the SAT college admissions test in the US), which was sued by a New Jersey boy and his mother over a misprint about the amount of time test-takers would have to complete the examine.”


The watermelon attack
“And late last week, a new $7.5 million claim was filed against Walmart from a man who claims that, due to the company’s negligence, he broke his hip while shopping for a watermelon. “


Simon Black concludes:
“These are just a few examples-- there are countless more lawsuits filed in the Land of the Free each year.  It’s not to say that they’re all frivolous. In many cases, one party legitimately aggrieves another, and some sort of compensation is warranted. But quite frequently a lawsuit is nothing more than a shakedown. And with the barrier so low, just about EVERYONE is potentially at risk. Many states in the US recently adopted rules making it even easier to sue someone. So if you think that you have to be rich in order to get sued, think again.


While the multi-million dollar lawsuits against huge companies tend to grab the headlines, in many respects, the best targets of frivolous lawsuits are people in the middle class.
These are folks who have some money and assets accumulated, but don’t necessarily have enough financial resources to defend themselves against an absurd claim of negligence or wrongdoing. They can’t afford to go to trial and pay exorbitant legal fees… so they’re much more likely to settle (even when they’ve done nothing wrong) and write a check for $25,000 or more to make the problem go away.  For people who do go to trial, legal battles can last for years, consuming tremendous amounts of time and money, and causing extreme stress. So the way the system is rigged, even if you successfully defend yourself and win, you still lose. With all this in mind, the best defense is to not be a target at all.”


Well, what do you say? If you find dictator systems like fascism and communism hard and unfair, what do you call this, which is operating free in the World’s biggest democracy? Why do I think this is the last fight for the Justice and not another step to totalitarian regime?
Because by Internet connection, small cells connected with intelligent and angry people all over the World, quantity and quality of resistance is luckily overthrowing the dinosaur institutions. Armies after armies of small internet mosquitos are attacking the big institutions. And they will not resist.
What come after? Criminality and Anarchy. The most independent and the best will survive. Not the criminals, not the anarchists, they are all short-lived and not intelligent enough to make a long-lasting organization, they are just clever in negative meaning. You have your time now. Make your right contacts, organize and build up something who works in the next and soon coming Chapter of Human History.

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