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SOCIETY AND POWER - 09/04/2023

Some 100 years ago, Socialism and Capitalism were growing fast, showing clear signals of global imperialism. Internationalism, democracy, whatever they called it, was just to hide the intentions of the race for global megalomaniac power.   By that time, socialism and capitalism were in rivalry and Germany took a leader position of a group of nationalist states to stop the evolution of the materialist global intentions. It led to the Second World War where Germany and its Nationalist allies
unsuccessfully tried to fight the two global piles at the same time, on multiple battle fields.

Under a decade, the World balanced between three political ideologies; Nationalism, Communism and Liberal Democracy (representing Capitalism). But even with a defeated Germany, the Nationalism had spread over the World and a lot of colonized nations used the temporary weakness of the colonial powers to set themselves free. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union and USA invested and mobilized for the Cold War, an ideological and economic conflict which fortunately never broke out in big scale, but tragically, took place in local armed conflict in countries like Vietnam and Korea which had to pay a high price for the rivalry of global imperialism.

The actual situation is alarming.  The left socialism has been boiled together with capitalism to a woke mix. You can see it clear in the modern nightmare version of the United States of America which has turned to a woke marriage between capitalism and communism. So do also countries under the influence of WEF (World Economic Forum), a bizarre organization which promote insane messages like “You will own nothing and still be happy”, “By the 2030s, we'll be ready to move humans toward the Red Planet.”

When you own nothing, you cannot support yourself. The people around you do also not own nothing, so everybody will be dependent on the Global Organization. A pure nightmare for every person who not accept to be a number in the flock, or worse, be a slave. Because a Global Order can only lead to slavery and extermination, after a transition period of political instability, civil disorder and riots.
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