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ECOLOGY - 28/05/2023

A book written by David Keys speculates that climate changes contributed to various social and political events, such as the emergence of the first plague pandemic (541–549, the decay or end of the several empires, the migration and expansion of Mongol and Turkish tribes towards the west and the rise of Islam. Keys' book inspired a documentary, under the name Catastrophe! How the World Changed. More details in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax2x0MG-0Qo

The book relates that around year 535-536, volcano eruptions caused a cold period over the Earth for at least two years. Sunlight was obstructed by ashes. As temperature decreased, crops growth ceased, famine and diseases broke out, followed by social and political instability. This was not an isolated event, it will sure happen again. The question is when? Fortunate we are today equipped with one clean energy source, independent from direct sunlight, the nuclear energy. When hydropower plants, solar panels and wind turbines are off, nuclear energy can still be available.  

The phenomenon, called volcanic winter, is an immediate and aggressive threat against life, but is not as known as the greenhouse effect. Why?

If dangers like this not existed, I would not argue for nuclear energy. It has risks. However, weighing those risks against volcanic winters is like comparing the weight of a feather with the weight of a stone. Nuclear power is not an option – it is a necessity.

This is just one example how blind the environmental mob is, how they obviously ignore the big things and instead waste their time to damage important devices of civilization. The ignorance of the wasteful packaging industry and the lack of repairable solid products on the market instead of the resource wasting unrepairable new products we are forced to consume are other examples how skew and harmful the environmental policy is.

If we continue to slow down the civilization in order of the actions promoted by the dystopia communicated by climate fanatics, we will soon have anarchy and instead of civilization the World will be dominated by brutal savages, going rampant, killing and burning everything, with no consciousness of life and nature.
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