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The tragic ruin of Sweden
SOCIETY AND POWER - 30/07/2023

Sweden is facing the consequences of social democratic politics and submission of the globalist agenda, kneeing for LGBTQ, multiculture and feminism. In blind faith they have opened their doors and hearts for intrusive elements which has undermined the society.

Sweden, a small nation which once a time was famous for smart inventions and successful
companies, like Volvo, Scania, Ericsson, IKEA, SAAB, Alfa Laval, SKF. Just a few examples of famous Swedish entrepreneurism. But that was more than 50 years ago.

“Open your hearts” is just an expression used to push in refugees to the country, used by the then
current prime minister, Reinfeldt. He is in fact conservative, but in such a leftist country, all limp to
the left, it became culture. Under more than 20 years Sweden took in so much immigrants that the ethnic and culture core of the country changed extremely. And that given that many Swedes not at all are welcoming foreigners, they hate them.

But in a democracy like Sweden, the voice of the people is completely ignored. At least the voice of middle class tax payers. The task for the middle class is to keep quiet and let the government spend their money. And the government loves to spend. On welfare and subsidies for voters, mainly from “minority groups” like refugees, lazybones and women. Which can be discussed, of course they are instead in majority of the population, specially the lazy parasites. Which was the aim, making minority to majority voters for socialist parties. If there is no minority to be electorates majority, make one. That is how left politics work.

However, the greed of the government party was so big that they happily mixed “minorities” without thinking of eventual consequences. For example, how should these “minority groups” fit
together? How to fit Muslims with gays or with feminists?

Muslims have the normal and respectful view of God´s creation. And they are not afraid to speak it clear. So, conflict. At least in Sweden. That´s why the holy  book Al Quran is burned in Sweden. Publicly. Again and again. Under the permission of the government. It is important to emphasize, those disgusting protests are for native Swedsih citizens not about critics against a religion. The Swedes in general lack of deeper education, they are also mainly atheist, so they do not even know what a religion or culture is good for, they prefer to believe that Money and Funny is the main purpose of life.

No, the frustrated Swedes – and they are today many – have finally understood what the politics
they supported under decades has given as result. Now they want to throw out the immigrants. First they said welcome and smiled. Then they humiliate the religion of the main guest, the Worlds biggest and most vigorous religoin.

The true character of this people has finally been revealed. The Swedes are cowards, hypocrites,
primitives, silly, materialists and liars. How can you say welcome and then spit in the face of your
guest? How can you be so stupid that you think Muslims and gays will shake hand and be fine

Seeing this little shitty country from another angle, from a forgiving and humanistic perspective,
Sweden is just another useful idiot in the Agenda of the Globalism. There is no way out from this
hell. Sweden will suffer in proportion to the rich and golden years they had in the past, profit they
could have used with wisdom instead of lazing on the pink cloud of comfort and glamor.
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