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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 04/12/2023

Finally, this is the leader who clearly tell the masses to stop  follow leftist utopias. To stop support a corrupt government. President Milei wants instead to strengthen the striving masses, morally and spiritually, to become like lions, not like sheep.

He has many good ideas and I will quote some of them below and link to a video. However, the fact he has several nice solutions for cleaning up the mess from socialism does not mean that all his ideas and actions are relevant for a prosperous nation. Making himself as a clown and overrating his dogs make his profile as a serious leader questionable. Licking the ass of Israel is a very negative action, sure he mingle with them to be able to grant a big paycheck from New York.

However, we have to be fair, this guy is a trigger for others in the Western World to start to clean up the socialist garbage we have suffered under since the 60´s.


Some quotes:

“Cuando pensamos, lo hacemos en términos de cómo hablamos, y si nos redefinen los términos, tenemos un desastre en la cabeza y pensamos cualquier cosa.”

“Soy el general AnCap [anarcocapitalista]. Vengo de Liberland, una tierra creada por el principio de apropiación originaria del hombre (…) Mi misión es cagar a patadas en el culo a keynesianos y colectivistas hijos de p%&”.

“El papa es el representante del Maligno en la tierra”.

“No tengan miedo, den la batalla contra el zurderío, que se la vamos a ganar, somos superiores productivamente, somos superiores moralmente; esto no es para tibios, ¡viva la libertad carajo!”.

To clean up the burden of unnecessary departments and limit the influence of socialist parasitism, it is of utmost importance to finish the discrimination of  the superior humans: the productive, moral and striving citizens, which under decades have carried all burden on their shoulders and been exploited by lazy egalitarians.

Here is the neighbor you deserve Mr Lula ! Parabens!
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