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The libertarian wind blows from Argentina
SOCIETY AND POWER - 09/01/2024

Libertarians shall definitively NOT be confounded with liberals. Their view of economy and society is completely different. When liberals urge for wokeness, welfare politics and prefer to sit “acima do muro” to be able to change position as far as the wind changes, libertarians support human qualities as strength, responsibility and justice.

Libertarians hate a sleeping state where a lot of people are employed in “empregos de cabide”, just to uphold an inert monster of power. Libertarians want as less influence as possible in citizens lives. You and your family take own decisions and are responsible for your own life instead of depending on a third part. 

The Argentine president Javier Milei holds a degree in economics but entered politics only four years ago. He refers to the entire political class as thieves, describes taxes as an “act of violence”, opposes abortion, and describes China, with which the previous Argentine government has enthusiastically cultivated a relationship, as an “assassin”.

His previous careers include short spells as a goalkeeper and a rock musician. He describes himself as an “anarcho-capitalist” and is a follower of an American economist from the 1950s, Murray Rothbard, who believed that the state, with its taxes and services, should be replaced by private contracts that citizens could choose to enter or not.

Milei himself has called the state “a criminal organization”, because it obliges citizens to pay tax.

Consider this. Government is criminal? The similarity between a modern mainstream government and a mafia is evident. The mafia “sells” protection to you, irrespective you want it or not. You get a “lesson” if you don´t pay. The government “sells” a lot of things to you. Most of those things, you don´t need.  If you don´t pay, there is also a “lesson”. So you have to pay for freedom and peace of mind.

In some countries, the quality is so bad of the public services that you buy it from another more trustful source. You pay twice to get one service! Some of the money the criminal government took from you, it uses to act as the English thief Robin Hood, taking form the rich (you), giving a minor part to the real unfortunately poor, but the big share is spilled out on lazy, dishonest, sucking people, as a guarantee to get votes. The government is not able to take much from the very rich, because they are prepared to defend their money or, they are in partnership with corrupt government employees. The workers and middle class are the main victims of the criminal organization of the government.  

O, let the fresh southern wind blow over all of America !
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