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Some truths about the West
SOCIETY AND POWER - 09/02/2024

1)    Hypocrisy. The dream of freedom, job, welfare and free speech make many people leave their countries to materialize the wonderful West. They soon understand the reality is different.  Few realize it before they cross the border, but this Russian family at least understood the truth on the airplane to America: 

2)    Dishonest financial politics. Yes, printing more money as a measure to be able to pay bills is a time bomb – later on the way it will be a crash. The later the more disastrous.  Specially if you don´t invest in productive infrastructure. The incompetent leftist and  liberalist Western governments keep instead the power by satisfying the masses with “welfare politics” – paid out of nothing!  https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/797/economics/why-printing-money-causes-inflation/

3)    The tactics of social and liberal governments to keep the power. Finally it´s revealed to the public how governments maintain the power by spilling out money to “minority groups” and other suspect elements, whose only contribution to the society is to pay back with their vote to the corrupt government party. As example of governmental megalomania, Venezuela created  2013 a ministry of "Supreme happiness": 
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