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Nuclear War

While it would of course be catastrophic, there are still some misconceptions by the public, especially that of overestimating the power of nuclear blasts (you have to square the power to double the radius of the blast which is why multiple warheads are used against large targets - and the number of warheads is finite.)

Unless going for hardened targets like missile silos, nukes are detonated in the air which creates downward pressure on the surface. Structures collapse due to this "over-pressure." Many of the targets are industrial areas like petro-chemical complexes.
Unlike powerful volcanoes (where you find a strong vertical thrust of debris) the dust and smoke from blast and follow-on fires would soon be washed out of the atmosphere by rain. Radiation will kill some of the initial survivors but most will die from famine due to loss of infrastructure and transportation.

In any case, no one in their right might would want to move in this direction unless they seek a drastic reduction in humanity (hello WEF.) Sadly, such people exist and hold positions of power in our Western governments where leadership is truly in the abyss. In the U.S. one doesn't need dig deep to find a common denominator in the political, media and economic elites. In Europe it's a matter of 78 years of gaslighting and indoctrination resulting in mental dysfunction.

Positively, nuclear energy is an important source for safety, environment care and welfare. Which other guarantee for energy when a super-volcano erupts and the atmosphere is hidden in an ash-layer? All other energy sources, excluding fossils, will be wiped out and starving is a fact.

A super-volcano is a volcano that has had an eruption with a volcanic explosivity index (VEI) of 8, the largest recorded value on the index. This means the volume of deposits for such an eruption is greater than 1,000 cubic kilometers. Examples: Lake Toba Indonesia and Yellowstone, USA. Those volcanoes draped the Earth in a thick layer of dust, avoiding the Sun to energize and thus creating mass death and ice ages.
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