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Truths and lies on Nationalism
SOCIETY AND POWER - 24/03/2024

The core of right wing
National Socialism is an ideology of discipline and order which seeks to establish a well organized society that is centered on national unity. As such National Socialism scorns social divisions and selfish individualism. National Socialism is an ideology that strives for excellence and pushes individuals within society to better themselves – not just for the sake of individual greatness but instead to improve society as a unit.  The enemies of the West fear the power of National Socialism and know that, in its true and pure form, it is the only force that could save the civilization from decay.

The trojan horse
The enemies use their media power and try to 'rebrand' National Socialism in the most degenerate and debased way possible. They transform discipline, order and excellence to the opposite of these things – chaos,  degeneracy and weakness.
Aggressive, drunken teenagers and retarded adults, covered with tattoos gather in noisy, anti-social mobs, engage in acts of violence and attack immigrants - all in the name of nationalism. They mess around in chaotic manner as they listen to music which clearly has more in common with degenerate subcultures than it does with any form of nationalism or fascism. There is no culture. No health, no class.  If one changed the lyrics of the music and removed the swastika banners at the back of the stage these events could belong to any musical subculture. In fact without the lyrics and banners those in attendance could be mistaken for punks, goths or rockers and seen as just another group of misled individuals attached to decadence. They are drinking, smoking, pushing one another, uncoordinated to raucous music. The whole ethos  behind these messy events has nothing whatsoever to do with  order or discipline and in fact is centered on chaos. There are no orderly speeches, parades or shows of strength and those in attendance are neither well-dressed nor smart in their appearance.
This is the way the enemies of the West have turned their fear of nationalism into a twisted fantasy of anti-social subculture.

The original

Compare these vandals  with genuine National Socialists. Look at the Nuremberg events, the annual party rallies held by the NSDAP, documented in the film the Triumph of the Will, directed and produced by Leni Riefenstahl. The Nuremberg Rallies centered on political speeches and large orderly parades. Discipline and order were central to the entire event. The musical accompaniment was classical orchestral overtures. The sight of hundreds of thousands of men lined up in perfect order, listening to speeches made under huge banners, was a sight to behold, and something that one would have been proud to be a part of. Those in attendance wore uniforms, were clean and healthy and strived to enhance mind and body to the best condition possible. Everyone in attendance were clearly part of one cohesive group.

The copy
The perverted nationalist, the “Hollywood Nazi” would never have been welcomed into National Socialist organizations in the 1930s. It would be fair to say that many of those who follow the path of the Hollywood Nazi would have been seen as undesirables and would have been interned in work camps if they had appeared under the rule of the NSDAP. The fake nationalist movements are based on exact the same kind of hedonism, degeneracy and individualism as other subcultures of the West. Their events are not spectacles of excellence attended by fit, healthy and clean-living men, instead they are spectacles of degeneracy which would actual been rejected in disgust by most normal people and dissuade them from joining any form of nationalist movement.

While the Nuremburg Rallies and the film Triumph of the Will united a nation behind a common cause and showed the world what could be achieved by a homogenous and disciplined organization, skinhead concerts did the opposite. If taken to their logical extreme these skinhead events would be no  different to the hedonistic festivals where young people drink excessively, use drugs and behave wildly for a weekend – a far cry from what Western man should be aiming for. By creating a degenerate version of National Socialism the enemies has made this a magnet for defectives. Often those who are attracted to the skinhead scene are lost individuals who cannot function in society and are seeking to be part of a group of other anti-social misfits. These people are not captains of industry, great athletes, engineers or other inspirational individuals, but often the opposite.

The “Hollywood Nazi” subculture was designed to scoop up these defectives. What kind of person would be drawn to that lifestyle – certainly not the people required to mount a serious fightback. Why would a man who owns a successful business wish to join a group of homeless bums who squat in a warehouse and drink until 4am every morning? Why would a loving mother and good housekeeper want to associate herself with a gang whose idea of political activity is spray-painting obscenities on toilet walls?

The ideal structure

If one looks back to what was put forward as a perfect society, an analogy was drawn with a colony of bees. To be a National Socialist is not merely to raise a flag or pay lip service to certain facets of an ideology. To be a National Socialist is to live a clean and healthy lifestyle and aim to be the best you can be – physically and spiritually. To be a National Socialist is to be strong and uphold the values and traditions of your origin. National Socialism promotes the notion that one should strive to be the best one can be for the best of the society; it promotes self-improvement and the pursuit of a healthy ideal self, intended for the common best, not for individual purpose.

The citizen´s dilemma

The healthy and normal people that nationalism needs to attract in order to grow and prosper want nothing to do with anti-social mobs or gangs. By wrapping up National Socialism in such negatives, the enemies of the West have actually pulled a very clever trick – they have ensured that normal and productive people will not be drawn towards a genuine alternative to their poison.
Take for example a family who feel threatened by the loss of their culture, by the growing level of immigration into their town. When they look at alternatives to the mess, they want something that is a genuine alternative – something that presents a viable solution to the problems they face. The people who see gang culture as a growing problem within their towns and cities are hardly going to join a gang themselves. They want the opposite of a gang: they want a strong and healthy community-based group that embodies the values they hold dear.
If families are unlikely to embrace black gang culture, then why would they embrace white gang culture? They are not going to be drifting around with black gangs throwing up gang signs and listening to obnoxious rap music, nor will they be sewing patches onto bomber jackets, listening to White Power music and spray-painting racial slurs on the subway.
In fact it would be reasonable to state that a working family with healthy moral values and a healthy interest in traditionalism would have more in common with a family from another culture or ethnicity that worked hard, looked after their children and led a clean-living life than they would with a gang of skinheads.  For family orientated folk, the idea of attacking a home or a business is abhorrent, and most decent people will naturally empathize with and have sympathy for those who face such abuse. Normal people would imagine how they would feel if their shop or home had just had its windows broken and would feel sympathy for the victim. This kind of sympathy leads regular people to turn their backs on fake right wing misfits. Normal law-abiding folk who have suffered at the hands of aggressive foreign cultures do not wish to victimize or attack innocent people as a response. They rather long for a response that is both lawful and fair. Only order and discipline can defeat chaos and madness.

National Socialism turned upside down
Genuine National Socialism is not based on negativity or 'race hate'. Genuine National Socialism is based on love, a love for one's own people, a love for one's own land and a love for one's culture and traditions. However, if provoked to conflict, the national socialists will defend all this and the more they love their family and nation, the more furious they will fight back.  The enemies of the West know that, so they convert the nationalist's love for his own kinsmen to look like race hate against others.  Wrapping up a movement or organization with race hate, especially with the accusation of 'racist' being so powerful, is a death blow to any chance of real growth or success. Racism, hatred and the belief in an all-encompassing racial conflict are often central tenets of the fake nationalist movement, something that makes that movement even more toxic to normal people.
But therein lies the other massive problem at the heart of the “right wing” misfits– the central belief that there will one day be a racial or religious conflict that will engulf society.

The fake right wing apocalypse theory

The media is today overrun by fanatics, where environment movement and religious extremes are getting the most attention. Even the extreme fake right wing has its own dystopia.
The skinhead subculture largely subscribes to the misguided notion that one day, when such a conflict occurs, Western man will be forced to choose a side and will ultimately stand and fight with the skinheads in order to preserve the future of the West.
It is highly unlikely there will be such a conflict. Those attracted to the skinhead scene are often escapists and fantasists; they choose to live out their fantasies by attaching themselves to nationalism. They wish to believe in a fantasy where society collapses and a great conflict takes place that sees them emerge as the victors and as such the saviors of Western civilization. This could not be further from the truth – and even if it was true, what would society be like once the skinheads had won this glorious war?  How would the obese, warehouse dwelling, welfare claiming gang members rebuild the West after their glorious victory? Most of the people who choose to believe in this scenario and attach themselves to this degenerate subculture are not fit enough, well-disciplined enough or well-trained enough to win a war.
As stated earlier, people group together based on shared values and feel more comfortable around those they identify closely with. Just as other subcultures and groups prevent Western man from coming together as one cohesive body, “Hollywood Nazis” serve to add to this problem. In the event of a great collapse or 'race war' these misfits would not be a uniting force for Western man. They  are just part of another musical subculture, and as such they further add to the fragmentation then unify Western society. When it comes to the idea of a civil war ripping apart a nation, and in this case a civil war that would involve different ethnic groups fighting one another, the key to victory would be preparation, disciplined, but rather positive, team building and enthusiastic than full of hate on exterior groups.

The plain truth about the “nationalist” misfits and escapists – is that they are not prepared. Any group that seriously believed a great war was imminent would prioritize preparation and training above all other activities. Physical fitness, martial arts and survival skills would all rank highly on the checklist of those preparing themselves for a civil war and the inevitability of fighting in the streets. Education in disciplines who shape the intellect and reveal the truth of historical events and clarify scientific processes.  Most important, mental preparation including emotional control, concentration, mental discipline, ponderation, meditation, rational and logical stimulation of the brain.

Nationalism needs to attract winners – not losers.
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