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An ignition cap on a very big bomb
SOCIETY AND POWER - 27/03/2024

The perpetrators of the brutal terror attack in Crocus, Krasnogorsk is probably wishing they were better dead today. Death should be a liberator. They are in best case facing a fast death penalty, if not, a life long sentence in a special work camp will probably work like a continuos daily hell of death suffering, day after day. However, the most evil, the mastermind, still not found, but under the track of Russian investigation. Russia points out -  and found – radical islamists as labor. Russia already discards any higher involvement of any islamist group, sustained by the much better relation Russia has to Muslims. This compared with the infected the relation between Muslims and Western countries today. Russia has centuries of experience living relatively peacefully with several religions and ethnicities.

Another mastermind – or maybe the same ?  - filled countries in Europe with Muslims. The lates t 2 decades a tsunami of refugees has invaded Europe. Mainly from Muslim countries, those West has tried to bomb out from the Map.

The Russian president points accusation against Ukraine. Russia has caught perpetrators and collaborators and means the track points to Ukraine. The mastermind has interest in a Ukrainian victory over Russia.  

Remember when the Nordstream gas pipeline was blow up. Russia was denied to participate in the investigation of their own pipeline. Now it is Russia who has the cards. And a much more effective political potential than the miserable Western politicians which are making West more and more unhappy every day.
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