Paths for freedom and progress
Raw food and drinks

It’s no secret
that fruits and vegetables (specifically
all fruits and tender young greens /
celery and fruit veggies – tomato,
cucumber, zucchini ect.) are the best
of health foods.

Fruits and veggies contain absolutely
everything we need in the proper
ratios for perfect health; no other
foods naturally match our specific
nutrient and hydration needs. The
fact is raw fruits and vegetables are
unbeatable in the highest quality and
the most easily digestible macronutrients
(proteins, carbohydrates,
fats, water) micro-nutrients (vitamins
and minerals) as well as being the
best sources of electrolytes, phytonutrients,
enzymes, and antioxidants.

Fruits contain the highest vitamin
content of any food, are second in
minerals, and veggies rank first in
minerals, while second in vitamins.
It’s common sense, eat more of these
nutritionally satisfying optimal foods
everyday and experience leaps and
bounds in your health goals.

Some people are not able to take in the fruit the right way,
neither is the fruit to blame, but
rather poor eating practices and
digestive disfunction. Commonly fruits
are seen as a snack or dessert, this
relationship with fruit has given them
with some a bad rap.

Fruits digest very easily and quickly,
because of this when eaten with or
after other foods (except similar
fruits, and tender leafy greens and
celery) they ferment causing bloating,
toxins, and a host of digestive

The vast majority of
people have a compromised digestive
system that starts from infancy and
only gets worse as it compounds over
time with an array of bad habits that
commonly increase.

Fruit should always be eaten on an
empty stomach, in fact the easiest
way to get more raw food in is to
simply eat fruit for breakfast and start
other meals with as much fruit and/or
salad (hold the oily/vinegar dressings,
try making your own by blending any
acid fruit with celery, tomato and/or
any herb for flavor and variety).

Once comfortable with that you can start
having a raw lunch and eventually a
full raw day, try one a week, or more.
Of course you can go at your own
pace increasing the amounts of fresh
ripe raw foods in your diet, the simple
truth is, the closer you get to filling all
your caloric needs the better.

For most people starting with a large
fruit breakfast (wait till hunger, if you
ate late at night or had a complex
meal this could take a while) is a
huge step and will reward you with
noticeable health benefits.
It’s almost impossible to over eat
fruit, simply eat as much as you
desire and then have one more piece,
eventually you will become proficient
at eating full meals of fruit that will
leave you satisfied for hours.





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