Paths for freedom and progress
What we should avoid

Regarding Buddha,

if we wish to liberate ourself permanently from the sufferings we should abandon origins. ‘Origins’
means our delusions, principally our delusion of self-grasping.


Self-grasping is called an ‘origin’ because it is the source of all
our suffering and problems, and is also known as the ‘inner


Delusions are wrong awarenesses whose function is
to destroy mental peace, the source of happiness; they have no
function other than to harm us. Delusions such as self-grasping
abide at our heart and continually harm us day and night
without rest by destroying our peace of mind. No one has the opportunity to experience
real happiness if  mental peace, the source of
happiness, is continually being destroyed by the inner demon
of self-grasping.


Because of ignorance
we develop attachment to the things we like and anger at
the things we do not like. We then perform various kinds of
non-virtuous action, and as a result of these actions we experience
various kinds of suffering and problems in this life and in
life after life.

Self-grasping ignorance is an inner poison that causes far
greater harm than any outer poison. Because of being polluted
by this inner poison, our mind sees everything in a mistaken
way, and as a result we experience hallucination-like sufferings
and problems.  Self-grasping
can be likened to a poisonous tree, all other delusions to its
branches, and all our suffering and problems to its fruit; it is
the fundamental source of all our other delusions and of all
our suffering and problems.


Through this we can understand to apply great effort to recognizing, reducing and finally
abandoning ignorance of self-grasping completely.

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