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Buddists and Muslims
EDITAL COMPLETO - 13/04/2018

I am not happy over these things, see links below. However, I recognize that soem Asian countries have a perverted, materialistic belief in Buddhism, not understanding the wise teachings from Tibet. Buddhism taught by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso leads to peaceful and stimulating collaboration between people, independent their religious belief. I got free as gift his teachings by wise monks in Brazil. I would like tio share it.


Muslims and Buddhists are normally peaceful, and have no reason to such struggle and rivality as described in the linked articles, they are in no way representative for the general behavior of this people I suppose the articles talk about extreme fanatics and even non-believers. Buddhists and Muslims can live in peace and enjoy each other. Buddhists carries important messages for soul care, Muslims have wise teaching about how to survive and progress in Samsara. I wish Buddhism and Islam collaborate against the real threats against our environment, peace and families, which are present in democratic capitalist and communist countries, rooted by Christianity and Judaism. Organized together, Buddhism and Islam can help to end  the unfaithful destruction of civilization and nature.




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