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ECONOMY - 19/05/2018

Living in a Western country, you are not as safe as you maybe think. Democratic lies, overconsumption and fake state welfare are stimulating people to turn dull, dumb and spiritually down. With no preparations and own financial backup, you are an easy victim or even prey when normal installed order changes:


Hera are the five biggest financial threats you face today:


Most Western citizens spend nearly 5 months of the year working... just to pay their taxes.
In some countries, income taxes alone can amount to more than half of one’s income. With government debt at record high
levels across the Western world, governments will lean on taxation even more
heavily to stay afloat.

For a government deep in debt there’s nothing more tempting than printing
money to pay the bills.
The more indebted they become, the faster they print, destroying the currency
and eating away at the value of people’s savings. This threat to your income and
savings is not only highly probable... it’s already happening.

In many countries Social Security will be insolvent in less
than 20 years. They may buy more time by pushing back the retirement age or
reducing benefits, but eventually there will be nothing left to pay out.

The financial system is in bad shape. The problem
is this time, with rock-bottom interest rates and sky high debts, the tools to ‘save’ the system are running out.

To prop up a failing banking system, the government is likely to step in to
prevent people from taking their money out of the system. This is exactly what
happened in Cyprus just a few years back, where businesses and individuals
found themselves frozen out of their accounts overnight.

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