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Resource-rich countries
ECONOMY - 08/06/2018

The past and the presence:

Countries like Brazil, Kongo, Angola, Venezuela and Indonesia are examples of countries favored by conditions for independent living, either for citizens or for sovereign maintenance of the whole nation. However, they all face chronically big problems with poverty and corruption. Common denominators for these countries are, as example: Past colonialism. Higher resource potencial than own consumption. Extremely rich in raw materials as petroleum and minerals. Big potencial for agriculture or forest culture. Importance as buffert for environment preservation. Favorable climate for human living and surviving to a love cost and big benefit.

Unfortunately, these countries emphase obstacles for development. Resuming the problems, the poverty and misery of the main part of population occurs in spite of external capitalist exploration, easily bribing politicians and key persons.  Independent what kind of degree of  "democracy" these countries claim, they all end up in the same box, suffering exploration of it´s own population in benefit of few parasites, criminal and greedy elements.
The solution is sure  not American democracy, Russian oligarchy or Chinese "communism".

But things  can be better if possible to gather the population under a common goal, for example: Nationalism supported by independent economy. In everyone of these countries, seeds exist for a good development. Of course, bad mainstream propaganda is thrown over these seeds and avoid them to grow. But they are planted in fertil ground, normally made up by a discriminated middle class with sufficient moral and intelligence to be able to keep good relations with both investors and workers.

Brazil, a country where people today has thrown away any ideology or serious religious belief, suffers under materialism where money loudly talks ! Religion is in Brazil nowadays weak and ridiculous. If even practiced, then it appears in satanist style "evangelic churches" , suspect associations intended to lure money from the absolute poorest part of the population. For Brazil the only solution seems to lay in the hands of a hardline government, backed up by militar protection. First in the row of such candidates is Jair Bolsonaro, a nationalist with roots in the Armed Forces.  

In a country such as Indonesia, the kind of racist, feminist and American oriented politics practiced by Brazil do not gather support, rather it is met by disgust.  Indonesian Nationalism is rather based on religion. If Islam manage to continue president Jokowis investments in infrastructure and at same time emphasize Muslim rules of purity, still keeping a peaceful respect for other religions, it can estabilize order in an accordingly way and generate forces for a healthy Muslim Nationalism. Thus taking up examples from well succeeded Islamic economies, like it was in Libya and Iraq before the criminal interventions of the democratic capitalist commonwealth.   


Examples: Resumed history and expectations of some resource-rich countries:

Angola: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK0wMprGMWg

Indonesia: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFLFKl6P8mo

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