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NATURE: Man. Effects of our convivence with Nature
ECOLOGY - 19/06/2018

By Steve Cutts. This 3 minutes video show he human devastation of Nature and the further the deserved fate of Man, if our behavior not change: //www.youtube.com/user/steviecutts
London-based illustrator and animator Steve Cutts wishes our world were a different place, and so he’s decided to do something about it by using his artwork as a catalyst for change.


Back in the day Cutts had two decisions: work at McDonalds or study Fine Arts, he decided to go all in with the arts and he hasn’t looked back since. Post-graduation Cutts worked at Glueisobar as the main storyboard concept artist. Some of his clients are big companies like Coca-Cola, Sony, Toyota and Reebok. He has since moved to freelance work, as well as trying to change the world with his harsh illustrations.


Steve Cutts is well known for his videos and illustrations that depict the sad truth about today’s world. He has endless material to base his artwork on, after all says the “insanity of humanity is an endless pool of inspiration.”



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