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Hillary Clinton, Libya and floods of refugees
SOCIETY AND POWER - 22/06/2018

While the leftist media tells every bad story about Trump and makes out that Soros is a kindly philanthropist and Hillary Clinton a human right defender, floods of immigrants are coming into Europe. What is the common denominator between Libya, Clinton and refugees?


Banks, intelligence and military industry united behind Hillary Clinton when Gadhaffi moved to form a singular African currency backed by real gold from African nations, to be able to sell oil in this currency. African oil nations like Libya, Nigeria and Angola and eventually some Middle Eastern Countries would have joined the new currency as also certainly Venezuela.


Globalist groups close to Hillary, like Soros & CFR's Haass, want to erase nationalism and most people have no clue of how near a new World War we were if Hillary had won the election which resulted in Donald Trump as president. In fact,  Was there any third alternative? Yes, but no alternative which interested the groups who instead choose backing up either Trump or Hillary Clinton. As a consequence of Libyas breakdown, the entrance to Europe opened up for refugees. Exactly what Gadhaffi had forespoken.


Julian Assenge explains the connection: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BLTDD30KZ0

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