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Howard Scott (April 1, 1890 – January 1, 1970) was an American engineer and founder of the Technocracy movement. He formed the Technical Alliance and Technocracy Incorporated
Little is known about Scott's background or his early life and he has been described as a "mysterious young man".He was born in Virginia in 1890 and was of Scottish-Irish descent. He claimed to have been educated in Europe, but his training did not include any formal higher education.


At the end of World War I, Howard Scott helped to form the Technical Alliance which explored economic and social trends in North America; the Technical Alliance disbanded in 1921.
Scott, together with Walter Rautenstrauch formed the Committee on Technocracy in 1932, which advocated a more rational and productive society headed by technical experts. The Committee disbanded in January 1933, after only a few months, largely because of different views held by Scott and Rautenstrauch as well as widespread criticism of Scott. Scott had "overstated his academic credentials" and he was discovered not to be a "distinguished engineer".


Scott remained as the chief engineer of Technocracy Incorporated until his death in 1970.[2] Scott "argued indefatigably that scientific analysis of industrial production would show the path to lasting efficiency and unprecedented abundance".Technocracy Inc., formed in 1931 to promote the ideas of Howard Scott. Scott saw government and industry as wasteful and unfair and believed that an economy run by engineers would be efficient and equitable. He called for the 'price system' and fiat currencies to be replaced with a system based on how much energy it takes to produce specific goods. Scott called for engineers to run a continental government which he termed a technate to 'optimize the use of energy to assure abundance'. 'Virtually unknown today, the organization which still exists boasted over half a million members in California alone at its peak in the 1930s and `40s.


What is technocracy ?  (by Howard Scott, founder)


What is a non price social system ?  (by Howard Scott, founder)



NOTE: The Yin and Yang symbol, branch for equilibrium, used by the Technocrat Society has nothing to do with us, thomasnilsson, even if we use the same symbol and both interpret the same meaning, that´s MAN and NATURE in equilibrium. Our symbol develops from the company founded by Thomas Nilsson, TERRESTRE ENGENHARIA, where the RED field instead is GREEN.  We do not share the Technocracy view, as we rather see the man as a victim of technology than a skillful user. Very few humans are able to manage advanced technology or software editing. The main part of humans cannot follow the exponential acceleration of velocity of technology or use it accordingly, therefore most technology falls in misuse and if not society first fall apart, our technology will rather command us to submission and finally, elimination. That is also confirmed by Howard Scott when he declares that very few humans are able to start up a paralyzed industry:  What happens if the system collapse? //www.youtube.com/watch?v=VopI2XRfxG0



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