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The weirdest political event ever
SOCIETY AND POWER - 03/08/2018

was the Conservative/Republican Youth Parties congress ( MUF förbundsstämma)  20-23 november 2008 i Eriksbergshallen, Göteborg.




(Links in Swedish)


Some media compared it with a Civil War inside the Party.  https://traditionochfason.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/inbordeskriget-i-muf/.


Well, if you speak Swedish, you can look yourself for the details in the links. And sing with in the songs.  However, the political thing is not the point, it´s the political difference and paradox. As the organization committee hired an ultra-leftist commie-band, Kreti & Pleti from Ume, the paradox was installed already in the music. Commie music on a conservative party. And it was not a mistake. It was serious. The party committee said to the band “We have the ideas, you have the music”.


The musicians accepted, not for the money, but for the sake, for their own political belief. They accurate made up a strategy to be as nice and sympathetic as possible to gain respect from their opponents. However, the people from MUF, where surprisingly still more sympathetic, singing together in the songs and clapping hands, in a true friendly feeling, not irony. It is like you play wedding music on a funeral, or put on the heater in the desert or the cooler in the snow. The commie musicians capitulated and resigned after the concert, analyzing what happened,


Here is the video of this surrealistic event:



They came to the conclusion that leftists take their politics very serious and personal, as they often has all to win and nothing to loose. I counterpart, the MUF rick kids were already rich and could afford distance to their private life and politics.


One of the biggest public synergy and participation occured when the band sang a satiric song about the Party Leader and as likethat time the Prime Minister Reinfeldt (Swedish prime minister 2006 to 2014):



The song of Reinfeldt:


Raj-raj-raj-raj-raj-raj-raj-Reinfeldt (rep 4 times)

Who is sweet and nice like a cheescake?
Who makes a race in the Parliament?
Who has big eyes and bald head?
Who fooled up all Sweden in the election?
Well that´s
Raj-raj-raj-raj-raj…. (4 times)


Who has made my friends to paupers?
Who has given the millionaire one more million?
Who has crushed the syndicates and the welfare
But still apparent a mister nice guy
Well that´s
Raj-raj-raj-raj-raj…. (4 times)




And here comes another; The songs are all here if you want to sing:





Devil´s Advocates:


They are all the same Conservatives /Republicans
 same old dollar grins,
 same Devil´s advocates,
like they always were.
The  descendants of the nobility.
The aristocracy,
behind a new popular facade
they are still the same burgess scum

They can cut and
comb their hair like us,
but we know,
 the stripes will never disappear


 they can say they
 care about you and me,
 but we know,
 the stripes will never disappear


 they can hide their
 tie and dress like us
but we know,
 the stripes will never disappear



 they can call themselves
the New Labor Party
but we know,
 the stripes will never disappear


they can lie and say
they have completely changed their style
but we know,
 the stripes will never disappear


 it's just a facade
 and a rhetorical profile
and we know,
 the stripes will never disappear


 they grab everything they can
they defend just what they have
and we know,
 the stripes will never disappear


 we know who they are
 and remain what they were
and we know,
 the stripes will never disappear


 they want to take from the poor
 and give to the rich,
 the millionaires have their  class party in the Parliament

 They help who is strong
 while the poor may remain
the millionaires have their class party in the Parliament

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